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Chapter 1

Room 317 has now moved to HERE: Room 317 on Wattpad (a few parts will link back here)
An uninterrupted version is also available on the same account but you will need an 18+ account to view it and to be a fan - Wattpad have made it private due to the explicit scenes and I can't change that. The direct link is here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/2329024-room-317
Room 317 can also be read here (although the formatting isn't great): One Direction Fanfiction

Wonderful Translations can be read here:
And remember to thank them for putting in so much time and effort!

Polish Version (Polski) - by idmwia
Spanish Version (Español!) by vaaniaar (please note you will have to 'friend' her to see the fic)
Italian Version (Italiano) by gabb241
French Version (Français) by jeanlo0
Russian Version (русский) by Melly
Czech Version by AnetteJind
Chinese Version (中国的) by 追风筝_的人
Portuguese Version (Português) by Tania Cruz
Slovak Version (slovenská) by Klaudia_abcd
Dutch Version (Nederlands) by XLorenToSt
German Version (Deutsch) by harrysedward
Romanian Version (român) by Horan_Hug94
Portuguese Brazil (português do Brasil) by TaamyB

If you would like to translate Room 317 to another language then please send me a message :) Please don't just go ahead and do it because there might be someone else starting (as has been the case) and that would be unfair to them and yourself to go to so much trouble and not get the full appreciation of your efforts. I also ask that you only post translations on Wattpad, LJ or a fanfiction website that is only for your language. I'm very sorry but Movallas, Quotev, Tumblr, Twitter, Fanfiction.net and Facebook are absolute no-nos. I've had too many problems with those sites in the past.

*Reposting/Plagiarism - a note about manners to those unsure*: Please remember that I do not want this fic re-posted anywhere. If you do then I will find out and have it removed so please be respectful - not just to me but to other authors too. I'm going to put myself in the firing line to say this but someone has to. You should never re-post a story without permission, regardless of whether you give credit or not and saying 'this isn't mine, credit to the original author' is not giving credit. If you want a story on another website then you ask the author to do so and it is at their discretion. It is rude to put someone else's story up in the guise of bringing more readers to your account, which 9/10 is the actual reason regardless of how much you plead the 'I only wanted people to read this wonderful fic!' If you want them to read it then link them to the original version: do not re-post, it's rude and people will be quite right to call you out on it. If you can't actually see it's wrong to repost then you are either not old enough or too thick/naive to be on the internet without a responsible adult holding your hand.

The children - pictorial representations

After numerous requests I am posting the pictures that I felt represented the Tomlinson children as I wrote them.

In the Epilogue:

The children during the "Remembering" snapshot:


The children as of the beginning of 'A Fine Farewell':